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Getting Around
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Installing Your eMod (3.5 min)   
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Getting Around
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Download Center and eMod Buddy App Store

  Purchasing an eMod   (2.5 min)   

  Downloading Your Purchased eMods   (2.5 min)  More Information

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Activiting Your eMods

  Activating Your eMods   (3.5 min)   More Information

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Enjoying Your eMods and the eMod Process

  Viewing Your eMods   (3.5 min)   More Information

 Feedback Assessments  (6.5 min)

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Communication and Creativity Center
Online Class Discusion Groups

 Accessing a VoIP Room  (7.5 min)     More Information

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PREVIEW:  Ignite and ePublish
Your Ideas and Solutions

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Share Your eMods with a Friend

 "Pay it Forward" Transfer Feature       More Information